is a powerful, cross-platform solution used for a wide range of RFID and barcode solutions, including:

  • Mobile Access Control
  • Attendance
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Time Clocks
  • Asset Management

There are many attendance and asset solutions on the market.
What makes different?

  • For one: MGAPs.

What are MGAPs?

  • MGAPs control the workflow and GUI for Cloud-In-Hand apps on Android and iOS.
  • Built to your specifications.
  • Each client gets their very own MGAP tailored to them, and, in a way, their own version of Cloud-In-Hand.

How do MGAPs work?

  • You will meet with a Solutions Manager to layout a workflow and identify requirements and pain points.
  • Workflow will describe exactly what happens when you scan an RFID tag or a barcode, including:
    • What information is displayed
    • What information is collected
    • How it syncs with the cloud
  • Our team of developers turns that workflow into your very own MGAP.
    • ALL the configuration work is completed by us, saving you time and money on setup and adoption. 
  • All you have to do is activate the MGAP the first time you launch the app.
  • Makes your workforce more efficient and accurate by tailoring each solution to be an exact fit.

Why do MGAPs make Cloud-In-Hand different?

  • Often, mobile software is just a product. It has a set of features and the user needs to adjust to the bugs and limitations of that software.
  • Cloud-In-Hand is a solution, not just a product.
  • The MGAP means that our software will change to suit you, and not the other way around.