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Save money on drills and be prepared for real emergencies.

stratus-io is a mobile application that helps your business account for everyone at any location.

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stratus-io: Emergency Headcount helps your organization be OSHA® compliant.

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According to OSHA®, organizations are required “to account for all employees after evacuation;”*

Furthermore, organizations are recommended to be able to take headcount after the evacuation is complete.

*OSHA Requirement 1910.38(c)(4)

Built for organizations just like yours

“It’s creating security for our company that didn’t exist before.”
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Case Study

See how Gilbane used stratus-io to check-in even in remote locations.

How stratus-io makes an impact

Save Significant Time Accounting for Personnel

With multiple ways to check-in, you can easily account for personnel quickly and accurately. Different check-in methods can be utilized simultaneously across multiple evacuation locations for quick and accurate auditing.

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Know Who is Safe and Who Isn’t in Real Time

Be able to view the list of personnel considered on-site from your existing systems during the emergency. As employees, contractors, and visitors are marked safe your list will update and allow you to see who still needs to be accounted for.

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Prepare for Any Emergency in Any Location

stratus-io can help you account for personnel during a fire, chemical leak, or any other emergency situation. Records are available in the cloud and automatically sync down to your devices at a regular interval. Even if connectivity is lost the solution will continue to work entirely offline. 

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Integrate with the tools you already use like...

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Check-in Methods

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Manual Check-In

During an emergency, anything can happen. Easily search for them by name for a manual check-in process. Search functions can be configured for smart search, exact match only, or removed entirely for security purposes.

It’s not unheard of to leave your phone or credential behind when your priority is to leave the building.

Manual check-in can be done one at a time or in bulk.

Existing Credentials

Many companies utilize RFID badges in conjunction with an access control system that allows them in and out of the building. Our wireless badge readers can read any employee badge, even if you have multiple badge types within your organization. 

In addition to badges, stratus-io can read barcodes and QR codes as well. So if you print badges for guests or contractors, their check-in process is just as fast.

Multiple badge readers and scanners can be connected to the same device, making the check-in process that much faster at each emergency evacuation location.

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Cloud-in-Hand - stratus-io Messaging during Emergency Evacuation for worker accountability and safety


Personnel can download our individual app into their phone and be tied directly into your organizations deployment. From this app, personnel are able to send a message directly to your muster captains with information about their whereabouts and condition.

Messages can contain information about the person sending them so admins and emergency responders know how to get into contact with them.

Remote Check-In

The individual app used for messaging can also be used to check-in remotely too. When an emergency begins, push notifications are sent out to everyone’s application notifying them of the situation. From the app, personnel can select the emergency and check themselves in to be marked as safe. 

GPS location can be recorded to so you know exactly where they are when they checked in. 

Checking in from this application can be restricted if you require personnel to show up to the specific evacuation points.

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Ready for more peace of mind during emergencies?

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