Event Management Software Solutions

A check in app to simplify event management

Manage your events in one place

Create checkpoints for attendees to check-in with badges, QR codes, or barcodes.

Designate  ticket levels and manage access to restricted areas. Expect nothing less from the best event management software available.

Collect accurate lead information automatically while focusing on engaging with attendees.

Tailor your event management software solutions workflow

Open Check-In

Open check in

Constantly monitor people passage at entry points

Open Check-In/Check-Out

Open check in and check out

Track “check-in” and “check-out” scans at entry/exit points



Track check-in/out at defined events for all members & visitors

Self Check-In

Self check in

Kiosks for roster members to self-select trainings and events

Automate check-in

Streamline attendee management

First you’ll see how stratus-io event management software solutions have fast and efficient check-in. Secondly, you’ll see long lines and unmanageable spreadsheets, and associated roster headaches are gone. Thirdly, you will have check-in kiosks at entry points and mobile handheld devices, scan RFID-NFC badges, QR codes, and barcodes. Finally, know that the idChamp® brand RS4x RFID-NFC reader supports Apple Wallet Credentials and Apple Student ID.

Check in event attendees stratus-io Event Management Software Solutions
Assign event ticket levels and control access

Enhance security

Assign ticket levels and control access

First, you control access to restricted or VIP areas by assigning event access levels to attendees before the event starts. Secondly, you use photo identification matching, event staff scans badges independently and provides unmanned stations  for hassle-free admission. Finally, you will experience the ease-of-use you expect from the best event management software available.

Capture leads

Focus on engaging experiences

First, your trade show experiences improve dramatically. Secondly, you collect lead information while continuing conversations, always get accurate check-in information. Finally, attendees scan their badges and tickets when they come into the booth. Vendors collect accurate contact details automatically to the contact database.

Best Event Management Software for Lead Capture

Upgrade your event management software solutions to the best event management software available today

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