Our Customers

Gilbane’s virtual unmanned checkpoint monitors contractor attendance, tracks employee and contractor certifications, and automatically creates a real-time list of personnel that are on-site in case of an emergency. 

Hurley’s gamification of the nine-day US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach for over one million visitors required a series of virtual kiosks  for attendees to check into with their wristbands. The kiosks scanned wristbands automatically, recorded participant information, and alerted the player to whether they had won a prize.

OHSU’s virtual attendance kiosks tracked student, trainee, and faculty traffic of the aerial tram system, automatically sent daily usage reports, and developed in-depth statistics on usage and trends in order to develop strategies and resources for future needs of the university’s overall transportation system.

MacPherson’s customized inventory solution manages over 50,000 products, quickly and accurately scans inventory, automatically places customer’s orders, and features a searchable product database for their extensive stock of fine art supplies.

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