Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In addition to RFID readers, stratus-io supports data collection with barcode and QR code scanners. If your organization does not currently utilize any of these methods, cost-effective solutions include RFID sticker tags and free barcode or QR code generators.

Yes. Our readers can read all major smart card types, including PROX, MIFARE, iClass, SEOS, Elite, Indala, and more. 

Yes, but it’s not recommended. Built-in NFC scanners support fewer card types, are limited in what card data they can read, and may require additional steps to operate.

Yes. You can search your roster within the application and manually check people in without a badge.

No. Scanners and mobile devices can be mounted on available wall/surface space or placed as kiosks at entry points and set to 24/7 scan mode.

No. stratus-io has offline functionality that allows the application to continue to collect data without a network connection. The application will automatically update the database when it is reconnected to the internet.

Yes. stratus-io is available on iOS and Android devices.

Administrators have the ability to assign different events to specific users/devices.

No. Multiple rosters can be managed from the same account, but additional accounts can be set up if needed.

The Cloud-In-Hand® Solutions Platform’s data center adheres to the SSAE18 SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3; PCI DSS; ISO 27001; ISO 14001; and ISO 9001 information and security certifications and standards.

For additional security, photos of roster members can be uploaded to your database and displayed on the mobile device at the time of the scan.

Yes. You can select any field in your database to be visible at check-in. As long as the information has been updated in your roster, it will display at the time of the scan.

We offer free access to our API/SDKs, as well as expert developer support, through our Software Developer Program.

Our pricing packages include event pricing, which covers two events per year, seven contiguous day per event.

We currently support Active Directory, FTP, SQL, Dropbox, Google Drive, and email integration. Contact us to learn more about integrating with additional systems.

No. With the exception of the Name, Badge ID, and Company, all fields in your roster can be edited to match your existing database UDFs.

Yes. Records export as a Microsoft Excel file.