School Management Safety Solutions Software

A check in app to simplify school management

Manage your school in one place

Track students’ daily attendance, monitor absences and tardiness, and automatically generate attendance reports.

Manage check-in and out for after-school activities such as sports teams, clubs, and more. School safety software assures people are where they should be.

Increase security with enhanced access control on campus and in student areas for visitors. Check offender database for school safety solutions

 School safety solutions require good school safety software as key to student and staff safety. 

Tailor your student attendance management system workflow

Open Check-In

Open check in

Continuously track student scans at site entry points

Open Check-In/Check-Out

Open check in and check out

School safety systems capture student entry/exit point “check-in” and “check-out”  



School safety software tracks check-in/out at defined events for all students or assigned groups

Self Check-In

Self check in

Create unmanned kiosks for students to self-select events

According to a survey, 44% of teachers reported the time spent on paperwork has increased. You need student attendance tracking software.

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Take attendance

Improve student attendance

Use stratus-io student attendance management system to log absences and tardiness without sign in sheets, roll call, or additional paperwork. Also, you easily manage attendance records and generate student performance reports from check-in scans as student enters the school and classroom. Finally, your students have full convenience as the idChamp brand readers work with RFID badges and read Apple Student ID. School safety systems improve attendance, when students feel safe. Who says this is Best School Management Software? Contact us to find out.

Take daily classroom attendance with Best School Management Software
Student Attendance Management System to Manage rosters and after school activity

Manage activities

Save with accurate hours tracking

Roster management is also an important item for your student attendance management system. First, you maintain and manage rosters. Next, students check in and out for school entrance, and classes. Secondly, check students in and out for after-school activities. Thirdly, you track where students spend their time after school and what services they utilize. Finally, you’ll see efficiency of resources and services increase with audits and attendance history. Using the best school management software available has great benefits. As a bonus, your students have convenience also since Apple Student ID is possible.

Monitor visitors

Manage identification and access

First, your school creates check-in stations to sign in visitors and track access to school grounds and student areas. Next, Badges for visitors are assigned at entry points. Finally, your staff checks photo identification, and optionally collects GPS location scans as visitors move about campus. Also note, for your Apple Student ID support get the idChamp RS4x RFID reader. These are some of the benefits you have with this Student Attendance Management System.

Best School Management Software to Automate visitor check in and monitoring
Student Attendance Management System to Manage rosters and after school activity

School Management Safety Solutions Software

Safety Is Key To Good Education

School safety systems and learning go hand-in-hand. Your school  safety software is essential to student well-being and learning. Students who feel unsupported and unsafe at school, both physically and psychologically, cannot learn to their
best potential. The visitor management solution also provides safety with the option to screen national offender databases.

Upgrade to the best school management and safety solutions software available. 

Cloud-in-Hand stratus-io Best School Management Software

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