Automate, Sync, and Share Your Data Across Platforms.

Tired of endlessly updating spreadsheets? Wasting time on manually entering pen and paper data?
Cloud-in-Hand® Workforce Management allows you to get to work as quickly as possible. Compatible with iOS, Android
and nearly every access control system, Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Soltuions provide instant data processing anywhere you need it.
Try it with your events, trainings, classes, and more .


Easy to Use and Simple to Manage

Tired of losing all your ROI in the adoption and maintenance of your new software?   We design solutions that
• Automate tasks and validates processes
• Instantly Captures Data
• Integrates to Active Directory, Access Control Software, and LMS

Scan ID Badges and
Credentials With Mobile Devices

Native support on Android and iOS for all access control credentials and badges, including the latest SEOS technology from HID Global. Leverage your existing infrastructure and get the most out of your RFID-enabled IDs (also supports mag strips, barcodes, and QR codes!)

Leverage your existing access control infrastructure! Android and iOS scanning for:
• SEOS & iClass • PROX • Indala •NexKey and many more!

Automate Workflow and
Produce Actionable Reports

Mobile Apps + Asset Tracking = A Productive Workforce.
• Manage employee trainings and meetings
• Generate an instant headcount during an evacuation or emergency
• Workstation check-in and task tracking
• Mobile Access Control and more!

Ready To Use Cloud-in-Hand® Solutions For Your Next Project?


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