Simplify workflows and get valuable insight into your business

A check in app to simplify workforce management

Tailor to every workflow

Open Check-In

Open check in

Continuously track employee scans at site entry points

Open Check-In/Check-Out

Open check in and check out

Track “check-in” and “check-out” scans at entry/exit points



Track check-in/out at defined events for all employees or assigned groups

Self Check-In

Self check in

Create unmanned kiosks for employees to self-select events

Take attendance

Keep track of employee time

Control absence and tardiness with daily attendance, meeting sign in, and training session oversight. Create and save custom reports and have them sent automatically to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for improved productivity and easy cost auditing.

Take attendance at meetings and training sessions
Track employee hours and attendance

Track hours

Save with accurate hours tracking

Only pay for hours worked by creating electronic timesheets with captured scan data. Match payroll data, labor compliance, and project resources with digital records to eliminate mistakes and reduce costs that occur with manual data entry.

Validate credentials

Manage identification and access

Create security checkpoints to control entry and exit points, restricted areas, and more.  Set up checkpoints to manage events, site areas, workstations and assign access specific to each individual. Use photo identification matching to confirm or reject access and to track scans from unknown badge IDs.

Manage validation and access control

According to McKinsey, 60% of occupations could save up to 30% of their time with automation

Cloud-in-Hand - Chart
Prepare for emergencies with simple headcount

Prepare for emergencies

Account for employees during evacuation

Be prepared for any emergency with a safety plan that accounts for personnel and clears the way for responders. Create designated muster points or have muster captains check employees in on mobile devices.

Audit benefits

Measure the effectiveness of employee programs

Gain insight into benefit program usage, such as office cafeterias, gyms, and more. Track and analyze employee data to understand the value and ROI of benefit programs and make changes to inefficient programs.

Track usage of employee wellness programs
Track commuter benefits usage

Manage commutes

Track commuter transportation use

Create efficient ridership programs by tracking user and location data. Monitor which areas receive the most traffic, allocate resources and determine routes appropriately, and forecast future need with collected usage metrics.

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