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We focus on wireless mobile solutions with RFID-NFC, barcodes, and sensors. From the Medical and Security industry to Transportation and Education, we strive to provide an easy-to-use solutions that meet the needs of our customers. 


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Mobile Attendance

Take attendance tracking on the go. With the ability to use currently existing employee/student badges and event ticketing, Mobile Attendance allows you to record and track your attendees faster than ever.

Workforce Management

Manage your workforce more effectively through employee timeclocking. Set and track employee workstations with a check-in and check-out system. Account for all onsite employees in the event of an emergency with mobile mustering.

Asset Tracking

Utilize our RFID tracking system to create records, capture data, and produce actionable reports. Never let an item go unanswered for with quick-to-use RFID hardware and software solutions. 

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Our Solutions Specialist are ready to assist you with the following:

  • Education – We give you valuable info about the components of your use case whether its RFID, Bluetooth, Access Control, UHF Assets, or other.
  • Insight – Our solution architects have seen it all. We’ll listen carefully to what you want to accomplish and give you feedback on best practices based on real-world deployments
  • Transparency – If we can’t provide the best solution, we’ll tell you who can. We are not trying to sell you a widget — we want to be a solutions partner.

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