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Check-In / Check-Out

Automatic Updates

Credential Validation

Digital Signage


Custom Prompts

Do more with your data tracking system​

Check-In / Check-Out

Record check-ins for daily attendance, payroll timekeeping, meeting sign-in, training session management, and more. 

Usage Tracking

Track entrances and exits, workstations, benefits programs, and ridership data to streamline compliance and auditing.

Digital Signage Display

Connect web-based digital signage displays to feature interactive and dynamic brand content.

Custom Prompts

Add dialog boxes to provide information, create interactive self-selections, or require consent confirmation with check-in.

A versatile tracking system right from your mobile device

Track scans on-the-go or from designated kiosks for a check-in system that works anywhere — with or without network availability.

Capture the data that's most important to you

Assign Sessions

Upload a full roster for designated attendance or assign individual roster members to different events for scheduled check-in.

Real-Time Validation

Scan roster members’ smart cards to control session access, set permissions for walk-ups, and track approved and rejected scans.

Manage Settings

Determine the time period to mark arrivals as late, capture breaks and lunch times, or require check-out for each session for customized data capture.

Manual Lookup and Check-In

Search the roster and manually check-in individuals assigned to the event that forgot or misplaced their smart card.

Don't leave room for human error

Automate manual data entry processes so that spelling mistakes, time theft, and data loss don’t end up wasting time and money.

Manage your people data in one place

Database Management

Add, remove, or make changes to roster lists, archive inactive or deleted records, and view account users’ database change history.

Customize Data Fields

Pair integrated or uploaded rosters without making extensive changes to current databases with flexible data field headers.

Asset Management

Search Options

Segment and analyze collected scans with extensive search and filter capabilities that parse standard and customized fields.

Advanced Reporting

Filter data and create custom reports for advanced trend analysis, auditing, and forecasting for future projects.

Know your data better than ever before

Get insight and visibility into your organization for smarter, more informed decision-making.

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Hardware Integrations

RFID smart card readers

Barcode scanners

QR code readers

Database Integrations




Google Drive


Operating Systems



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