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Cloud-In-Hand® Extended Access Control

Extend the Functionality of Existing Access Control Systems.
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Get More Out of What You’re Currently Using

Access control and RFID go hand in hand.  Did you know you can leverage that same system to accomplish other tasks in and around your business?  Our Cloud-In-Hand® Solution Suite allows you to use your already existing data to record time-clocking, meeting & training attendance, and even for emergency mustering.

Manage Your Workforce

Track your employees whether they’re in meetings, trainings, or in the event of an emergency. Using our Mobile Solution Suite and your existing systems, we can make sure you’ve got the data you need.

Easy Integration

With our Cloud-In-Hand® Software Suite, you don't have to change the systems you have in place already. With both direct and indirect integration, we can make sure your data is updated seamlessly. You can also receive reports directly through Email.

Custom Configuration

We understand that every business is different. Whether you have a unique workflow or new ideas, our Cloud-In-Hand® Solution Suite can be configured to match the needs of your business and exceed your expectations.

Platform Agnostic

No matter what systems you have in place, our Cloud-In-Hand® Solution Suite can fit right in. With the ability to work on any platform and nearly any mobile device, our solution can help you succeed.

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