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Check-in your visitors faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Utilize QR codes for quick contactless check-in.  Your visitors are professionally, efficiently and safely managed.  Try CIH: Visitor Management today.

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“CIH: Visitor Management offers so many unique tools that cater to our business, we couldn't ask for a better partner going back into the office. We'll be deploying this to other locations.”
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Contactless Visitor Management System in 3 Easy Steps

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01. Pre-Register

Visitors enter their name and email with your customizable web form. After submission a QR code is automatically sent to their email.

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02. Contactless Check-In

Visitors approach the CIH: Visitor Management kiosk with their phone. The kiosk scans their phone for the QR code and visitors are instantly checked-in or out.

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03. Notification of Arrival

An instant notification is sent to the person being visited. Notifications are sent via text or email.

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Case Study

See how Procore captured Employee and Visitor Usage of their shuttle systems.

How CIH: Visitor Management enhances your visitor experience

Visitor Pre-Registration

Eliminate sign-in sheets. Digitizing your visitors sign-in process. Setup your visitor registration to require what you want like name, phone, email, and a reason for visiting. 

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Contactless Check-In

Your visitors instantly get a QR code emailed they can use for check-in. When visitors arrive on-site, they display their QR code at the kiosk and are automatically checked-in.

Contactless Check-in

We’re Here! Notifications

During registration, your visitors enter who they’re visiting.  When your visitor checks-in, the person they’re visiting gets instant notification via email or text.

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Integrate with the tools you already use like...

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What you get with CI H: Visitor Management System

Visitor Logs & Registration

Visitors pre-register using their phone. Sign-Up Forms can be customized so you can ask for only the information you want. Generate meaningful visitor logs and see exactly what happening in your business. Reports are available in real time, you easily search and filter through your visitor sign-in logs.

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Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Check-in QRCode on iPhone, Android

Contactless Check-In

Visitors optionally check-in using only their phone. QR codes are sent to visitors who pre-register via email. Visitors present the QR code on their phone display to the check-in kiosks for contactless check-in. 

Easy to Deploy

You setup stations in minutes. Choose iOS, Android, or Windows. Download the application, add your settings, quickly ensuring the health and safety of your office. Choose optional floor or wall-mounted kiosks for any device type giving a sleek and secure experience.

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Badge Printing

Print visitor badges with a professional appeal. Visitor’s information is printed onto the sticker badge. Print badges ahead of time or during check-in for a seamless experience.

Works for Employees too!

Your team uses stratus-io for the accurate count of your employees. RFID-NFC support?  Easy, use the idChamp® and Scanfob® brand RFID badge readers or portals. Leverage your existing badges for on-site check-in and checkout.  You have full accounting for visitors and employees during your actual emergency and drills.

Barcode/QR code peripheral scanners and manual check-in via search are also available.

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