Easy Guest and Visitor Registration and Check-In

Print Guest Badges, Fast Check-In, Account for Visitors During Emergencies

How much do you know about your on-site user activity?

Why you need accurate visitor logs

Visitors to your job site can come and go constantly, but quick accounting for that activity is often difficult. Knowing who’s been on your site and when is critical for security and safety compliance. Sign in sheets are hard to read and prone to errors that eat up time and costs you money. In the event of an emergency running around with a clipboard trying to account for who signed in is a major hassle. stratus-io allows guests and visitors to register and check-in in the blink of an eye and remain accountable during an emergency.

Automated visitor logs

Guests and visitors can check-in at an easy-to-use kiosk where they enter pertinent information like their name, who they’re visiting, and other information important to you to meet safety compliance standards. The kiosk can take their picture so you know exactly who you’re dealing with. Badges are automatically printed with your logo that contain the guests information and picture and a QR code for easy check-in and checkout. When your guests are ready to checkout, they can select “checkout” from the screen and scan their printed badge. Check-in and check-out information is immediately uploaded to the cloud account for your staff to view and download if needed.

Prepare for emergencies

In the event of an emergency, your staff can create an emergency event with the click of a button. stratus-io displays a list of guests who are considered to be on-site and need to be accounted for their safety. You can either scan a guest’s badge to mark them as present or manually check them in. Additionally, you can easily view a list of guests who still need to be accounted for and their information in case you can’t find them.

Works for employees too

Employees can also scan their badges for on-site check-in using the idChamp® brand badge scanner shown in the video above. The idChamp® is wirelessly connected to the iPad and can read any employee RFID and smart badge available, including proprietary formats. 

Eliminate the hassle of your pen and paper visitor logs. Bring peace of mind to your business, visitors, and guests today. stratus-io also offers management options for on-site employees and allows them to utilize their existing employee RFID-NFC-Barcode badges for easy check-in and checkout. One easy to use system works for your employees, visitors, and guests. Ask us your questions about stratus-io, you will be surprised how powerful, easy to use, and economical it is. 

Contact us today to learn how stratus-io can meet the needs of your organization and workflow.