Cloud-in-Hand - Time Clock Automatic

How the Cloud-In-Hand® Solutions Platform Supports Personal Safety Amidst COVID-19

During this pandemic, some businesses have been deemed essential. For employees who are still working at these establishments, staying safe should be a top priority. While employees continue to show up for work, businesses are still liable for understanding who is and isn’t on site, keeping track of employee hours, and making sure they’re compensated appropriately. stratus-io is helping businesses maintain these practices while allowing employees to remain safe. 

A manufacturing company in the US that has been deemed essential was previously using biometric scanning in order to clock employee hours. With biometric scanning being a health risk (e.g. finger print reader used by many employees), supervisors were forced to manually record employee clock-ins and clock outs (even for breaks) to ensure an employee’s shift was being fully recorded. Not only does this eat up a lot of the supervisor’s day, it also requires each employee to be in relatively close physical contact with those supervisors. By deploying stratus-io with wireless employee badge readers, this business is able to continue to record employee hours while maintaining a safe environment.

Easy to Deploy:  stratus-io can be deployed in less than 24 hours and can be downloaded to any mobile device. 

Wireless Scanning:  Employee badge readers, barcode, and QR code readers can pair with stratus-io to allow for credentials to be scanned wirelessly and without physical contact. The app also has a built-in QR code and barcode scanner.

Accurate Reporting: Employee scans are instantly sent the cloud and are accessible in real time. Reports can be configured and delivered automatically to important into existing payroll systems.

Offline/Remote Functionality: Internet connection is not required. The tablet can continue to operate offline and will cache scan data to be sent to the cloud once a connection is re-established. So businesses can deploy this to remote sites and collect them when they’re ready.

Stay Alert: Employees may forget to clock out. With stratus-io’s auto-clockout feature, make sure you have an accurate view of who is on site and be alerted for anyone who forgets to clock out at the end of their sift.

Here at stratus-io, we are wishing for everyone’s continued safety. Our solutions are flexible and designed to help business keep track of data in remote situations and can be used in the event of emergencies. Contact us today for a free two week trial.