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Utilizing the latest in RFID, NFC, and barcode technology, the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Mustering solution enables organizations to automatically determine which individuals have safely arrived at assembly areas — and which people remain unaccounted for. Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Mustering provides an easy and reliable way to take attendance, anywhere and at any time on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Made For Mobile.

Our applications are compatible with nearly every smart device on the market. From Android to iOS – like iPads and iPhones, and even on Windows Mobile Devices.

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We Own The Framework.

Our framework has been providing flawless customer solutions for over 10 years. Unique and powerful technology provides solutions that adjust & grow your business.  Our solutions fit every business type. From start-ups to large scale corporations. Get the tailored solution you want with unmatched value – don’t settle for off-the-shelf.

We Own The Framework

Dedicated Customer Service.

Why waste hours trying to change your work process to fit an ‘off-the-shelf’ web app? Our solutions and technical support team will work with you to lay out your workflow, identify pain points, and build a solution designed around your requirements.

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Easy Reporting & Integration.

Data collection captured using Cloud-In-Hand® can be received instantly in a variety of reporting options including e-mail, CSV, XLS and more.  We also provide the ability to integrate reports with your existing backend databases and servers.

Easy Reporting And Integration

Built For IoT Hardware.

Our solutions are designed for RFID-NFC, Barcodes, Sensors, and other Communication Hardware Options from the ground up. We deliver easy-to-use, reliable, mobile solutions that work with and without network connectivity.

Built For IoT Hardware
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