Release Notes

stratus-io 1.0

February 22, 2019

What’s New

  • (Android) Mobile Attendance Idle View digital signage integration adds the ability to set a URL at the group level to display in the background during event scanning sessions.
  • (Android) Kiosk Mode added to allow for event selection after scan.
  •  (Android and iOS) Flags now sent for “walk-up,” “late,” “rejected,” or “unknown badge scan.”
  • (Android and iOS) Events now searchable by event name. Updated auto-sort to event start date.
  • Group level control to force login on MGi launch.
  • Sessions Detail view now displays assigned attendees for Class-type events.
  • Mobile login username now sent with each scan upload. Filter and export report by mobile login now available in reporting section.
  • Added session name column to employee page.
  • (Android) Closed sessions no longer displaying on select session screen.
  • Updated account menu to remove unused settings.
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