Getting Started

How to Custom Backgrounds in Kiosk Mode

Hello everyone and welcome back to another stratus-io feature highlight. Today we’re going to be showcasing our digital signage feature. In this video, we’ll discuss how to set up digital signage displays, what your options are, and how they look on mobile devices.

Digital signage is exactly what it sounds like, a digital way to display information or ‘signs.’ With stratus-io, you can use any public webpage to display information on your mobile devices when you’re using the application.

You can use digital signage displays for brand awareness, or to display things like the weather, the current time, calendar events, or any other information you want roster members to see as they scan in.

First, you need to have a webpage you want to display. Sign into your cloud-in-hand admin account and go to the ‘account’ section. Open up the ‘Settings for Mobile App’ section and put the webpage URL into the ‘Mobile Attendance Idle View’ field.

Now, when we log in to our user accounts on the mobile device and select our session, we can see the webpage display while our roster members scan in. 

Have questions? Interested in what else stratus-io has to offer? Feel free to contact us today or comment below. Thanks for watching.