Getting Started

How to Set Up Events

Hello and welcome to the Stratus-io feature highlight video. My name is Ashton and today we will be covering how to use our Cloud-In-Hand Solutions Platform to configure events for two different scenarios. 

The two scenarios we will be covering are a single session that allows for check-in and checkout and a second scenario with only specific people assigned to it that will also record if someone shows up late. 

Starting the single session allowing for checkout, we will navigate to our sessions screen and click “Add New Session.” First, we’ll change the event type from “Class” to “Session.” From here, we’ll check the box requiring check-out. Then, we’ll set the start and stop times for this event. Finally, click done and you’re good to go. 

Now your session can be accessed from the mobile device and your roster members can scan in and out of that session. The server automatically knows whether or not they’ve scanned in or out and you can see that information in your Cloud-In-Hand account.

Moving on to the class type scenario, we’ll start the same way–by clicking “Add New Session.” By default, the event type is set to class so all we need to do is set the start and stop time as well as choose our late timer. Now, we can press next and see our roster members that we can assign to this class. Simply click the checkbox next to a roster member’s name, press apply, and then press done. 

Now your class is set up and ready to be used on the mobile device. In this scenario, only people who were assigned will be counted present and if someone tries to scan in that was not assigned–they will be rejected.

Once these events reach their close time, the event will close and automatically email you a report of the session or class entries. 

For more information on our Cloud-In-Hand Solutions Platform and our Stratus-io attendance, mustering, and workforce management system contact us today. Thanks for watching.