Geofence GPS Attendance With Stratus-io

Reduce_Time_Theft_With_GeofenceImagine this: an employee forgot to clock out of work, again. You are now left with the task of determining how many hours that employee worked that day. While they claim to have worked overtime, there is no evidence to support this, considering they were only scheduled to work 40 hours that week. You give them the benefit of the doubt and pay them for the 48 hours they claimed to have worked. However, you quickly realize this has become a recurring issue. You begin to wonder if these reports are accurate as time theft becomes a common occurrence in the workplace. This situation highlights the need for reliable solutions like geofence technology.

What is Time Theft?

Time theft occurs when employees are paid for time they did not actually work. This can happen through various means, such as reporting inaccurate time records, taking extended breaks, or having someone else clock in for them. A recent survey revealed that 45% of employees commit time theft by recording inaccurate times, costing businesses significant amounts of money each year.

The Solution: Geofence GPS Attendance

An map area with a highlighted virtual boundary forming a geofence.

To combat time theft, many companies have adopted geofence technology. Geofencing is a location-based service that uses GPS, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Wi-Fi, or cellular data to create a virtual boundary around a specific geographical area. When an employee’s device enters or exits this predefined boundary, it automatically records their attendance. This eliminates the need for manual clock-ins and clock-outs, ensuring more accurate and reliable attendance tracking.

How does Geofence Work?

Geofence technology works by creating a virtual boundary around a specific location. When an employee’s device, such as a smartphone, enters or exits this boundary, the geofence system triggers an action, such as recording the time of entry or exit.  Watch the video below to learn more about Geofencing!

Play Video about GeoFence Location based check-in check-out Video

Benefits Of Geofence GPS Attendance System

Implementing geofence GPS attendance systems can revolutionize how businesses manage employee attendance and time tracking. By leveraging this technology, companies can ensure attendance records are accurate and tamper-proof. This not only helps in preventing time theft but also fosters a more disciplined and accountable workforce.

  1. Accuracy: Automated attendance tracking reduces errors and discrepancies, ensuring employees are paid for the actual hours worked.
  2. Convenience: Employees no longer need to remember to clock in or out manually, streamlining the process and reducing the risk of forgotten entries.
  3. Accountability: Knowing where your employee was last seen, provides a transparent record of their whereabouts, discouraging dishonest behavior and fostering a culture of trust.
  4. Efficiency: Managers can focus on more strategic tasks instead of spending time verifying timesheets and handling payroll disputes.
  5. Scalability: Geofence systems can be easily scaled to accommodate growing businesses, with new locations or departments added seamlessly.

Stratus-io: GeoFence and more

Stratus-io Time and Attendance software solution  harnesses the power of geofence technology to provide comprehensive attendance management. Here are some of the features this time and attendance app offers:

  • Stratus-io Time and Attendance application icon
    Stratus-io Time and Attendance app
    Geofence Capabilities: Automatically records employee attendance when they enter or exit a predefined geographical area, ensuring accurate time tracking.
  • Validate Credentials: Ensures that only authorized personnel can access certain areas or systems, adding an extra layer of security to your operations.
  • SMS Emergency Alerts: Sends out real-time emergency alerts via SMS to notify employees of urgent situations, enhancing workplace safety.
  • Data-Caching: Ensures that data is not lost even if there is a temporary loss of connectivity. The system caches information and automatically syncs it once the connection is restored.
  • Save Reports to Gather Data: Allows administrators to save and compile detailed reports. These reports facilitate data-driven decision-making.


Overall, time theft is a significant issue that can drain resources and harm workplace morale. However, with geofence GPS attendance systems, businesses can  ensure accurate time tracking, enhance accountability, and improve overall efficiency. By adopting this technology, companies can create a fair and transparent working environment, ultimately contributing to their long-term success!