We saw in 2018, over 540 million RFID tags were used for identifying and tracking livestock and pets. These numbers show the importance of RFID animal tracking and identification. Benefits you’ll enjoy using RFID animal tracking include ownership validation, biosecurity control, breeding, health monitoring, and medical history.


You may know RFID animal tagging is a requirement in many countries. First, governments establish RFID animal tracking regulations to increase consumer and animal protection. Secondly, even unmandated compliance can prevent and manage outbreaks of disease for your ranch livestock. Thirdly, governments may mandate you use RFID ear tags on your livestock. Finally, you benefit from reduced time spent tracing and managing disease outbreaks is important. Without RFID tracking tracing outbreaks to the source can take many months.

Cloud-in-Hand - Livestock Sheep RFID Tracking


RFID animal tracking provides significant benefits of reduced time and cost in your ranch animal management. Secondly, ear tags on your livestock are permanent for the animal’s lifetime. Additionally, your tags remain readable when covered in dirt and mud. Furthermore, you can have and a human readable number on your tags, matching the ID read by the RFID reader. Finally RFID tags can have QR codes so for use with a barcode scanner as convenient for some applications. 


First, RFID tags on your livestock quickly improves efficiency of your ranch management. Second, Animal identification is critical on your ranch or farm even without government mandated tracking. Additionally, increased counting speed of your animals, and day-to-day management is realized using RFID tags. Finally, achieve greater insight into the pedigree, medical history, and feeding choices of your livestock, pets, and animals. Note, you can find convenient keyfob sized mobile RFID readers here. 


A quick solution to implement on your ranch uses mobile devices with cloud-in-hand.com (CIH) software. First, CIH provides you a complete solution with mobile RFID scanner and cloud database. Second, the idChamp® MT8 tablet has a built-in RFID reader and barcode scanner. Thirdly, Cloud-In-Hand® Solutions Platform delivers an easy-to-use and robust solution for your ranch management. Additionally, reduce your ranch hand errors and improve, time & cost savings, and efficiencyFinally, immediately enjoy the benefits in your day-to-day work and long-term animal management decisions.

See a solution example in the video below for how you can track a group of RFID tagged sheep in real-time.

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