5 ways Cloud-in-hand® Enhances Your Emergency Response Plan

In a world marked by inevitable natural disasters, it is crucial for companies to implement an effective emergency response plan. By doing so, companies strengthen their business resilience, ensuring continuous and stable operations. Furthermore, such measures equip employees with the necessary knowledge to respond effectively in times of crisis. This proactive approach not only saves lives but also enhances the company’s reputation for responsible action amid challenging circumstances. Acknowledging the significance of emergency preparedness increases the likelihood of achieving favorable outcomes when confronted with such unforeseen events. 

Emergency Plan Checklis

Many companies, such as Dupont Chemical, have taken proactive measures to ensure employee safety in the face of such events. These initiatives involve formulating emergency response plans that are executed days before an anticipated natural disaster. These comprehensive plans include protocols for evacuation procedures, designated evacuation sites, and communication strategies. Moreover, innovative tracking softwares like Cloud-in-Hand Solution Platform are becoming essential components of these plans. Its advanced functionalities ensure continuous communication and tracking of employees, regardless of potential communication network disruptions caused by the disasters.


Dupont Chemical

Dupont Chemical, a chemical company, focuses on the development of innovative materials and technologies to make an impact worldwide. The company has about 2,500 scientists and engineers that collaborate with companies, governments and others to develop solutions to address challenges. They extend their focus across multiple domains, encompassing electronics, industrial technology, employee safety, and the evolution of next-generation automotive advancements. Through dedication and commitment, Dupont remains at the forefront of creating environmentally conscious solutions that have a lasting positive impact on society. 

Dupont manufacturing facility in La Place
Dupont manufacturing facility in La Place, Louisiana

In line with other companies, Dupont encountered a significant challenge in August 2021. Hurricane Ida severely affected Dupont’s Pontchartrain Water & Protection manufacturing facility in La Place, Louisiana. As one of the most powerful storms to strike the region in years, Hurricane Ida caused excessive flooding and reached winds of over 100 mph. These extreme conditions caused the facility to lose access to power and potable water.

However, even with the storm’s magnitude, Dupont’s emergency response plan played a pivotal role in safeguarding the facility from substantial damage. The plan involved systematically shutting down and securing all Dupont assets to ensure a safe operational status. Alongside this, non-essential staff were evacuated, leaving behind a team to manage environmental safety concerns during the storm. Lastly, Dupont activated the Corporate North America Natural Disaster (NAND) team four days prior to the storm to support sites with potential impacts.

Dupont’s experience showcases the significance of an emergency response plan for companies. Their response plan minimized damages, allowing operations to resume at the facility in less than a month. While effective, it’s crucial to recognize the need for integrating advanced software systems like Cloud-in-Hand Solution Platform into emergency plans. In doing so, the uncertainty of employee safety status is diminished. Cloud-in-hand’s cutting-edge features facilitate tracking and communication with employees even in situations where connectivity is compromised. By utilizing data caching functionality, it ensures that critical information, such as ongoing tracking of missing employees, remains accessible.

5 ways Cloud-in-hand® Enhances Your Emergency Response Plan

  1. Remote Check-in: Cloud-in-hand® Stratus-io enables employees to check-in using the app on any mobile device. Administrators can view the list of personnel who have marked themselves safe during an emergency. This provides insights for swift decision-making and ensuring the safety of all employees. Companies can identify those requiring assistance and coordinating rescue operations if needed.
  2. Offline Functionality: Even when connectivity is lost, tracking of Stratus-io features enhance emergency response plan employees will continue to work without cellular or wifi connection. The cloud stores records and automatically syncs them down to your devices at a regular interval. 
  3. Data Caching Functionality: The platform’s data caching functionality stores critical information such as employee location and safety status. This ensures tracking remains accessible and continuous even in low-connectivity scenarios.
  4. Alert Messages: Administrators can send text and email alerts during emergency incidents. Employees have the capability to swiftly transmit important information including their names, precise locations, and GPS coordinates to emergency responders. This feature eliminates uncertainties regarding who requires assistance, ensuring a more efficient and targeted emergency response plan.
  5. Employee Safety Assurance: The Stratus-io Time and Attendance app significantly contributes to ensuring the safety and well-being of employees amidst the challenges posed by natural disasters by providing robust tracking and communication tools.

A Collaborative Success

In the face of a massive storm that struck Puerto Rico, Dupont’s collaboration with Cloud-in-Hand Solution Platform proved highly successful. Dupont used the Stratus-io Time and Attendance application as part of their emergency response plan. They leveraged the Offline Mode and Data Caching features on the app to effectively track and account for missing employees during the crisis. Amidst the storm’s destruction, these features helped in overcoming network connection challenges. This collaboration demonstrates how companies are successfully integrating cutting-edge software solutions into their emergency response plans.


It is crucial for companies to understand the importance of having a well thought out emergency response plan. As companies navigate a world of inevitable natural events, the integration of such innovative tools has become a necessity to ensure a secure and resilient workforce. Innovative tracking software such as Cloud-in-Hand Solutions Platform provide real-time tracking, data caching functionalities, offline capabilities, and more. These features not only streamline communication and tracking but also mitigate the uncertainties surrounding employee safety during emergencies.